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Read about our Odyssey House Louisiana project.

Case Study:

SysCom Answers Odyssey’s Call with a Custom Surveillance Solution

  • Organization & Location: Odyssey House Louisiana | New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Industry: Non-profit behavioral health care provider
  • Services Offered: Residential inpatient drug rehabilitation program
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Challenge: Outdated, Inadequate, Non-Existent Systems

In 2019, Odyssey was tasked with building a new, state-of-the-art, in-treatment facility in New Orleans. As security is a number one priority, they needed to ensure the surveillance systems were up and running 24/7. Given the nature of the operation, any outage or unauthorized access could jeopardize patient recovery. At the time, Odyssey had no camera footage backup system in place, and they routinely experienced camera lag time and system interruptions.

Solution: Greater Operational Efficiencies, Tighter Security, Faster Response Time

After careful review of Odyssey’s needs around building security and surveillance, SysCom built a tailor-made solution in partnership with Synology. The result was a central management system featuring:
  • Remote, centralized access
  • 118 cameras
  • 22 door controllers
  • Failover support
  • Continuous VM backups
  • User and group permissions with Active Directory domain
  • Automated surveillance of doors and cameras using real-time alerts
  • 24/7 footage recordings
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