From the mom-and-pops all the way up to the largest companies, businesses of all sizes require IT support in New Orleans. Some might think that technical support is just about repairing your computers, but it’s much more than that. Companies in a wide array of industries, from healthcare to construction to nonprofit, find that incorporating tech support has helped them work more efficiently, leading to what everybody in business wants — growth. Maybe you’ve been fine all along without Tech Support in New Orleans and nothing detrimental has happened.


Here are the top four reasons your business needs Tech Support in New Orleans, especially if you have dreams of watching your business reach its full potential.

1) Cybersecurity Mitigates Ransomware Threats

It’s an alarming statistic, but 60 percent of small businesses close their doors after a cyberattack, according to Inc. Exacerbating the problem, IBM reports that 95 percent of breaches are caused by human error. With the proper IT support in New Orleans business, you and your employees will be positioned to detect and stave off cybersecurity threats that could threaten your momentum — and future.

Not only does your tech support partner secure your networks, but your MSP can also install security software that proactively protects your business from threats today and in the future. The right technology strategy ensures you minimize vulnerabilities that could lead to malware and viruses. If you think about the rising threat of cyberattacks — hackers attack every 39 seconds — deploying the tech support services of cybersecurity experts is the sensible way to bulletproof your business.

2) Maintain Your Data in the Cloud

Are you a worrier? If so, you’ve probably thought a lot about the worst-case scenario — your network crashing. Your data, if it’s not lost forever to the abyss, can take up to more than two weeks to recover, costing thousands of dollars a minute, according to Gartner, which aggregates ransomware and cyber-extortion data. You have prepared in advance for this scenario and put all of your important information in the cloud. Right? Well, if not, your IT support in New Orleans can get you set up as soon as possible to ensure your data is protected immediately, in an affordable, scalable and flexible way.

3) Protect Your Reputation with Compliance

Penalties and fines as a result of being non-compliant are more expensive than simply staying in compliance, to the tune of twice the cost, according to a study by Ponemon Institute, an independent research firm. Your New Orleans tech support partner knows what security standards are up to code, so you can stay in compliance. Not only does staying in compliance keep you secure, it’s also crucial to stay up to date on the latest standards to avoid expensive fines and potential damage to your brand.

It’s likely you don’t have the proper time to get up to speed with the changes or redo your policy with each new government rule. To keep your company in compliance, find IT support in New Orleans that will offer continuous support and transparency. It’s especially important to work with a top-tier team that has a lot of experience and uses the best reporting and auditing tools to surveil your networks and keep you on top of the latest compliance protocols.

4) Technical Project Work

Do you need technical help with your projects? Besides the array of services offered by MSPs, like custom compliance solutions and optimizing or replacing your outdated systems, they also provide technical project work. An IT expert works with you and your staff, from conception to execution, and provides any assistance you may need. Tech Support in New Orleans means your business has a partner in managing the technicalities of all of your project work.

Get Ready to Thrive

Tech support is the key to keep your business prospering. Whether you’re just getting started or your business has existed for a while, the right tech support is where the growth happens. Your MSP can steer you toward your long-term goals with assessments and audits designed to develop a tailored strategy to ensure your success. The right technology expertise will take you further than you can imagine in your business journey. Contact us for a cost-effective and scalable assessment. Our Tech Support in New Orleans will get you started on your sustainable path to growth — and success.


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